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Turkish plane goes around, lands safely
April 25 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A Turkish Airlines aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on Saturday morning, an incident that caused no injuries or deaths.

Norwegian announces flights to the Caribbean
April 21 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Norwegian Air Shuttle, the ultra low cost European airline that has angered legacy US carriers, has announced new flights from Europe to the US — via its territories in the Caribbean.

Worker trapped in cargo hold on Alaska flight
April 13 2015 — Jan Fernandez
An Alaska Airlines flight was forced to return to Seattle after a worker was trapped in the cargo hold.

Copa orders 737 MAX
April 10 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A longtime Boeing customer placed an order for more than 60 aircraft, a record deal for its home country, Panama.

American Airlines receives SOC
April 8 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Not long after merging its frequent flyer programs, American has taken another step in pushing the US Airways brand away — receiving a single Air Operator's Certificate.

Virgin America to start Hawaii service
April 7 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Hawaii is a very popular destination for US travelers, and another airline has decided to carry passengers to the islands later this year.

Allegiant pilots cancel strike
April 1 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Allegiant's pilot union, Teamsters, threatened on Thursday to strike for one day later in the week — but the nation's most profitable airline used the law to their advantage.

Air Canada plane hits power lines, exits runway
March 29 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Halifax Stanfield International Airport was left without power after an Air Canada plane hit power lines in the first few minutes of Sunday.

Austrian rebrands to myAustrian
March 28 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Austrian Airlines will become the latest carrier to change its livery soon, but it seems out the new colors are more of an update than a complete overhaul.

One pilot exited cockpit on Germanwings flight 9525
March 25 2015 — Jan Fernandez
According to an official involved in the investigation of the fated Germanwings flight 9525, one pilot was locked out of the cockpit during the plane's final minutes.

German plane crashes into Alps
March 24 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Another tragedy occurred on Tuesday morning when a German plane crashed into the Alps, killing nearly 150 people. It is France's worst air incident in over 40 years.

"Cactus" to disappear on April 8
March 23 2015 — Jan Fernandez
More than two years after the initial proposal, American and US Airways will finally become one airline in the eyes of the FAA.

Stabbing at New Orleans airport
March 20 2015 — Jan Fernandez
A security incident occurred at Louis Armstrong International Airport on Friday night, closing down Lousiana's largest airport.

Venezuela may lose another connection
March 20 2015 — Jan Fernandez
According to comments made by a European airline's leadership, Venezuela could be losing another link to the outside world.

Vereinigung Cockpit extends strike into weekend
March 19 2015 — Jan Fernandez
Lufthansa and its pilots remain at a standstill, as the pilot union extends its strike into the weekend.

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