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United to leave John F. Kennedy International Airport
Jan Fernandez — June 16 2015
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(Image Source: Jan Fernandez)

United Airlines has a very small presence at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport, but that presence will disappear this October, when the carrier ceases JFK operations.

United currently operates its premium flights from JFK, known as United p.s. United p.s. only flies to Los Angeles and San Francisco, with up to six daily flights to the former and up to seven to the latter. A fleet of specially configured 757-200s is used for these flights.

However, the carrier says that United p.s. has been losing money for the past seven years. United operates its Northeastern hub and New York hub across the Hudson River at Newark Liberty International Airport, where it is by far the dominant carrier. October 25 will be United's last day at JFK.

However, the p.s. service will not disappear. United and Delta Air Lines have entered into two separate deals, in which Delta will acquire all of United's JFK slots in one deal while United will acquire some of Delta's Newark slots in the other. With the new slots, United plans to transfer its premium service over to Newark.

Both deals are subject to government approval.

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