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Military plane crashes in Spain
Jan Fernandez — May 9 2015
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A military aircraft crashed in Spain on Saturday morning, killing three people.

Just after takeoff from San Pablo Airport, the Airbus A400 began to experience a technical issue. The A400 was on a test flight. In an attempt to make an emergency landing, the aircraft hit power lines. The crash site is located approximately one mile north of the airport, in a field.

Seville's San Pablo Airport was closed after the incident, due to the fire crews leaving the airport property. All flights were diverted to Malaga and Jerez. It reopened at 2:50pm. In Carmona, electrical power went out.

Of the seven people on the aircraft, three died, according to the emergency services. Two others were seriously injured and two are missing. Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister, said that all on board were Airbus employees.

Airbus said that the aircraft was MSN23, to be delivered to Turkey. The company is sending a Go-Team to Seville.

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